The Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths

Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (SAPH)

The Bowel Nosodes Examined

The importance of the gut for overall health is slowly becoming recognised by researcher in many fields.


They are discovering what homoeopaths have know about since the 1930s, if not long before.


A proliferation of specific gut flora has been found to exist in the bowels of people and animals suffering from a corresponding specific group of symptoms.


Margaret Roy FSAPH (Fellow of SAPH, and Founder and Principal of the Scottish School of Homoeopathy) has dedicated much of her life to homoeopathic research, and passing her knowledge on to others.


Margaret will demonstrate how to recognise the symptoms of an imbalance in gut flora and then how to correct this using homoeopathic bowel nosodes.


Date:   4th March 2017

Time :  10.30am for 11am Start

Place:  Glasgow


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