The Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths

Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (SAPH)

SAPH Council Members

Council Business                                                                                                    The council meets at least quarterly to carry out the business of SAPH. Each member of the Council may serve for a period of three years before seeking re-election. Only full members of SAPH are eligible to hold office.


Election to the SAPH Council                                                                  Those wishing to stand for election should announce their intention one full calendar month before the AGM or such period as decided by the Council, and voting will take place at the AGM. Only Full Members of SAPH will be eligible to vote.


The SAPH Council may co-opt additional help from SAPH Members and Associate Meembers as needed.

The Council Members of SAPH are:


Chair:                                 Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott RSAPH


Registrar:                           Catherine MacEwan  RSAPH, SAPH Registrar, 9 Bruce Street

                                           (Flat 5), Glasgow G81 1TT, Scotland, UK.


Joint Treasurers:              Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott RSAPH, Christine Sloan RSAPH


Secretary and Registrar:     Catherine MacEwan  RSAPH


Council Member:            Caroline Greene RSAPH




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