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Talk: Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress

Stress is hardly new: homoeopaths help people with stress all the time.


Surprisingly, orthodox medicine lacks an integrated approach to it.


What orthodox 'medicine' does have is spread between sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors, depending on its severity.


Furthermore, in the West, what we might call 'Stress', has been thought about for less than 200 years. Even now, 'Western' medicine lacks a clear integrated way of considering it from its early stages through to the extremes requiring medication or hospitalisation.


Chinese medicine, by contrast, has a very clear pathway from the very earliest signs of stress through to its extreme symptoms.


Understanding the Chinese 'energetic' model helps people come to terms with their symptoms, view them as part of a life process, decide on what may or may not help and, importantly, embrace the trapped energy, evidenced by symptoms, positively.


If stress is seen as trapped energy, then far from being a potential killer it can provide the right impetus to move on in life.


Understanding this gave Jonathan's work with his patients a huge boost. After more than 35 years treating people from all backgrounds and problems with a variety of therapies he does have some experience. His book "Qi Stagnation - Signs of Stress" distils that.


This talk shows how homoeopathic patients - or, indeed, anyone! - may benefit from this frame of mind. It introduces, in Chinese medicine, a way to understand energetically how remedies work. The talk lasts approximately 90 minutes and there is ample time for discussion and questions.


Date: The first time this talk was given was on 16th November 2013. It has since been repeated to different groups many times.


To book: initially email or ring 0131 629 3257.