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A committee of British MPs pronounced that homoeopathy was no better than placebo.  As a result they recommended that the NHS should no longer fund homoeopathy. (We have a page on Research.)  Perhaps you'd better read this then! Just click on the button to download comments on the MPs' findings.

William''s Critique of the Report

Some websites and blogs to look at:



For a selection of views published, some as articles, others as letters, in newspapers, consider the following sites:

Currently homoeopathy is receiving a bit of a bashing in the media.


Have a look for yourself, but first read the critique behind the button.

You may also have heard of Professor Edzard Ernst, who until recently headed the Centre for Complementary Medicine at Exeter University in England, UK. Many of his findings have been critical of complementary medicine, including homoeopathy, and you can read a critique of his work here:


Not all press comment was unfavourable:  click here. For research on the effects of remedies on breast cancer in vitro, click here for the website or to read comment on it, click here.

Research into homoeopathy does exist. 20 years ago work done by a French scientist showed that homoeopathic remedies in high dilutions have a measurable effect. At the time this was derided in the press and wider scientific community, and the scientist lost his job and career. Recently his worked was replicated, with the same positive results. Read more here.