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Catherine MacEwan visited this hospital;


I asked my GP to be referred to Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital or to give it its name since 1999 the “Centre of Integrative Care”.  “Integrative care” means the combination of conventional care methods with alternative methods.  I expected to wait months, but was pleasantly surprised when an appointment came through a few weeks later.  I was delighted to see that my appointment was with Dr Bob Leckridge.  Bob Leckridge is a renowned homoeopath working in primary care.  He worked for many years as a GP and became disillusioned by the “anti” medicines that didn’t cure a patient’s problem, but just delayed it.   He had an opportunity to go on a homoeopathic course and this changed his outlook on health.  He has now worked in the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital for many years.


The day of my appointment came and I was full of anticipation to see what the hospital was like and I wasn’t disappointed.  The hospital is a lovely L-shaped building.  It is modern with large windows, which let in plenty of natural light.  The floor and blinds are made from wood.  In the centre of the building is a garden.  The 11 bed in-patient unit looks onto the garden providing a calming, therapeutic healing environment.  The hospital has an overall peaceful atmosphere.  Sitting in the waiting room, with its pretty cane furniture, I looked out at the garden and felt relaxed.  The hospital’s architect’s brief originally stated it was designed to “create a place of beauty and healing” and I think that they definitely succeeded.


While there I asked if I could see the hospital’s library and was introduced to the librarian, Isabella, who showed me around.  The library is small, but it is an amazing place to see if you are passionate about homoeopathy.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  There are homoeopathic magazines, hundreds of books and hundreds of articles.  The older leather bound books, dating back to the 1800’s, are quite rightly kept under lock and key, but I got the privilege of looking at one, which was fascinating.  I also spotted the many books written by our very own Margaret Roy on the shelves!  Currently the library is only used by the staff of the hospital, but Isabella is hoping that will change and will be open to other practising homeopaths, as a reference library, which is a great idea.    


I was always under the impression that the hospital practiced clinical homeopathy focussing on the disease, as opposed to the total symptom picture of the person.  I was happy to discover that it is classical homeopathy that is practiced.  My appointment lasted two hours and was very thorough.


My overall experience was positive and I am looking forward to going back.  I think in this day and age it is important that the homeopathic hospital is supported by practising homoeopathic practitioners, as closing the hospital down would be a blow to homoeopathy.  I think that support should be vice-versa with equal support from the hospital to the homoeopathic community.  The use of the library would be a good start and one that I know has the support of SAPH.  Working together is important to ensure that homoeopathy is continually promoted, as an alternative therapy to the public.   (April 2012)


Postscript Sadly, this hospital closed in 2016 for in-patients.

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