The Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths

Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (SAPH)


There are many organisations which support homoeopathy.


As far as we know, SAPH is the only such body specifically for professional homoeopaths in Scotland. This page lists some of the other organisations that may be of interest.



Courses for Beginners and for their families are run from time to time by our members. For the latest on this click here.



Enquire of the following Colleges of Homoeopathy: However, please note that a listing does not mean that a college is endorsed by the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths. Nor does the list show all the possible colleges.


The Homoeopathy College - Birmingham, UK

North West College of Homoeopathy, Manchester UK

School of Homoeopathy, Devon, UK

The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy, Bristol, UK


If you are a statutorily registered health practitioner, you can apply to train at the Faculty of Homoeopaths in Glasgow.


Associations of Homoeopaths

The Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths (This organisation)

Society of Homoeopaths

Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths



General Information or websites


Private Health Insurance for patients of our members

To benefit from this insurance a patient must already be enrolled with the insurer. A growing list of insurers now cover patients of our members. Here are some of them:


Cash4Health     (part of PrivateHealthCare UK)  0800 073 0303

Sovereign Health Care   01274 84113

WPA  01823 625230




Robert Medhurst BNat ND DHom has compiled a list of research into Homoeopathy which you can download here.